Paddy Montgomery – Turkish Instrumentation & Music

Image: Listening Through the Lens Magazine (

Melbourne musician and multi-instrumentalist Paddy Montgomery talks to A Hidden Culture about his video submission for Sala Fest (Turkey) – the background of the music itself and the instruments featured in the performance.

Paddy is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist specializing in a variety of genres. Proficient in regional Greek, Turkish and Balkan music, along with Bluegrass, Celtic and (some) Gypsy Jazz on a range of traditional stringed instruments.

Instruments featured in this video:

  • Bağlama Saz (bahlama)
  • Cura Saz (joora)
  • Kemençe (kemenche)
  • Yaylı Tanbur (yayluh tanboor) Ud (ood)


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